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Motorcycle Shipping Costs: Understanding the Price


Shipping a motorcycle can be more complicated than a car and safety is critical to Harley, chopper and sports bike owners. When examining motorcycle shipping costs, special needs and discount programs are two possible factors that affect total cost.


Whether you choose an all-purpose vehicle shipper or a company that specializes in motorcycles, most offer an easy-to-use website calculator to obtain a preliminary quote. For most you need to provide:

Type Of Motorcycle

Year, Make, Model

Starting Location



Number of Bikes

Some sites also require the zip codes of the origin and delivery sites, condition of the vehicle and length/width of the bike. This non-binding figure is based on the fundamental data – a starting point that doesn’t include the costs specific to your transport needs.

Compared to the difference between the base and final figure of a car transport, motorcycles tend to have a higher starting number in ratio to the final number. This is because motorcycles require a base set of skills to properly secure the bike and, with few exceptions, are shipped in enclosed trailers.

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The cost of added insurance affects the total cost of your transport. Ask the company representative exactly what is covered should damages incur; be sure to ask specifics about limits, deductibles, if the cause of damage matters as well as whether certain parts/features are covered.

If the coverage is not enough to give you piece-of-mind, ask if they offer additional coverage. Again, ask to see information on price and related details in writing before signing an agreement.

Alternatively, you can contact your private insurance company and ask for an increase in coverage for the days of your transport.

Although a company experienced in moving motorcycles should know how to properly secure and care for your bike, accidents and inadvertent damage can occur. Increasing your motorcycle shipping costs by adding extra insurance coverage may end up saving you in the long-run – especially if you have a custom or classic bike.


Certain motorcycle transport companies offer programs that allow you to save on motorcycle shipping costs. Possibilities for discounts can include:

  • Round trip shipping – plan both ends of your trip at the same time
  • Military Personnel – army, navy, air force, marine, coast guard
  • Service workers – firemen, police officers, emergency medical staff
  • Frequent Shipping – many movers either have point systems or regular discounts offered to repeat customers
  • Group Rates – discount per bike increases in relation to group size
  • Dealer and manufacturer – can be used to ship to a business or customer; shipping companies may also offer showcases for events and marketing material in addition to the monetary discount

In addition, some companies offer rally discounts. Due to the size of events such as the Annual Sturgis Rally, Biketoberfest, Midamerican Auction, Daytona and Myrtle Beach Bike Week, and many others throughout the year, shippers recommended securing arrangements well in advance.

Choose Experience

Whether you choose an all-around shipper or one that specializes solely in motorcycles, make sure to research the reputation and experience of the auto transport company. Ask about discount programs and insurance coverage; and remember to get all motorcycle shipping costs and terms of agreement in writing.

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